Why Should I Write Things Down?

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True or False: High School students need to use a planner because there's a lot going on and it gets to be too difficult to remember it all.

So, this is kind of true and kind of false. I'll ask some more questions...

Do the adults in your life suggest using a traditional planner to keep track of important assignments and dates? Have they suggested using a snazzy, multi-section planner with places to write down goals, dreams, and study strategies? Do you feel bad because they seem so psyched about it--but it's just not you?

Do you keep everything "up here" in your mind?

What are some reasons you don't write things down? (Could not wanting to let your mom win that argument have anything to do with it...)

Your Instructor

Genevieve Price-Griffin
Genevieve Price-Griffin

I'm Genevieve, and it's great to meet you.

Working hard every day when your heart's not in it sucks any enjoyment out of what you're doing. How many times have you been told how important it's for you to have a passion, right before they tell you to stop doing things you like doing.

I know about getting caught up in what should be done so the next step of the usual plan will happen, with myself and also the young people in my life.

When you spend even a few minutes of doing something you truly enjoy, it's hard to go back to the grind.

That can look like a lack of focus when in fact it's a lack of knowing how to synthesize your passion with the non-negotiables of your education life.

I'd like to hear about your daily life, and the direction you'd like to head toward. Yes, you are a young adult and the direction you'd like to head can also be described as having goals.

There's nothing wrong with having goals. It's important that they're your goals.

Knowing who you are, and how you live your daily life helps you stay in the lane so you can reach the destination you decide on.

Let me help you discover your best self, and clarify your goals. It's going to lead to knowing the benefits of the hard work you do,

Let's get a conversation started....

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  How to Set Up a Relevant Planner
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work with Genevieve to make my planner more relevant after I watch the course?
Of course! Send Genevieve an email ([email protected]) to set up your 20 minute free chat, and learn about how you can work together to make using a planner more relevant for you.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I don't already use a planner?
Watch this course first. At the end you'll know what makes sense for you, or email Genevieve ([email protected]) to set up a free 20 minute chat to figure out your next steps.

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